Seamless camera, software and sensor integration with your Airship system

Error-free communication between every aspect of your enterprise video system isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Our end-to-end video management solution is designed to integrate easily with third-party equipment, so your team can focus on your mission, not wrangling your system components. If you ever face a problem, our experienced engineers will help you resolve it, no matter whose equipment is at the heart of your issue. We know that when the success of your mission is on the line, it doesn’t matter who supplied what—it only matters that you get the job done.

Manage every aspect of your system from a single screen

No additional equipment is required for most specialized cameras, encoders, and sensors. Airship’s turnkey solution is compatible with audio/video leaders, including: Rimage Disc Publishing, Silvus MIMO technology and TVI servers. Camera, software and sensor integration is easy to manage from a single pane of glass, including:

  • Add connected cameras to TVI Manager
  • Add camera to EMS
  • Test Image and PTZ before it hits Airship
  • Test Image and PTZ at the Airship level
  • Enable/Disable audio recording
  • Test Audio before Airship level
  • Test Audio at Airship Level

Flexible integration for government & commercial use

Airship integrates with dozens of third-party hardware and applications. In addition to custom development for new devices and solutions, here are some of our most popular integrations. For more information about how to incorporate Airship into your existing system, contact us today.

Camera Integration

Airship is camera agnostic, operating both Internet Protocol and Analog Cameras, including full Integration with Airship's GUI and short turn in‐house camera integration. All cameras are protected and secured with interface support, which prevents malware and the hacking of sensitive information. Airship integrates with 30+ dedicated cameras and includes generic RTSP, HTTP, and MPEG support. Airship is also compatible with some of the following mainstream brands: Panasonic, Bosch, Axis Communication, Pelco, Canon, and Samsung.

Drone Integration

Airship is integrated with Ltd (“DJI”) and DJI’s Software Developer, Dà‐Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Kit (“DJI‐SDK”), which facilitates video data. Airship Nexus Client allows you to manage drone movement live. Map‐Tab (“Map Tab”) functionality provides flexibility and control of drone movement (ex.: clicking a certain location on Map Tab will command drone to head to the clicked area). Altitude and camera direction can be easily managed via simple remote maneuvering of the drone’s Camera Gimbal. Upcoming features involve Audio Compression, Area of Interest Support, and Flight Log Report Generation.

Track Data Analytics

For commercial and government applications, analytics integration allows you to associate scanned data with video at the point of origin of the scan. Common uses for Track Data include associating individuals with barcodes on badges or tickets at entry points by recording simultaneous synced video. Airship includes the ability to interface with camera side analytics from vendors such as Axis.

Video surveillance on your terms.

In high-stakes situations, you can’t afford for your equipment to fail. Airship’s powerful end-to-end audio and video surveillance systems conform to your team’s tactical requirements.

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