Government Vs. Commercial

Government and commercial surveillance systems are unique. Your software should be, too.

We engineer solutions that are tailored specifically to match the distinctly different demands on government and commercial surveillance systems. While our core security information solutions are based on the same robust, integrated system, every software and hardware deployment adapts to each client’s real-world operational workflow.


Split-second decision-making is standard operating procedure for any government or law enforcement team. Glitchy software, network failures or a complicated interface can slow response time, resulting in potentially disastrous consequences. Airship’s single pane of glass interface relieves your teams of the burden of running multiple desktop programs to manage cameras, sensors and analytics. With our complete “lens to server” solutions for military and law enforcement, you can manage cameras, users, archiving, permissions and more from a single, secure source.

Unique features and integrations are available for government and law enforcement applications to provide “beyond the fence” solutions, wherever your operation takes you.

  • Radar tracking of persons, watercraft, land vehicle with Slue-To-Cue Tracking
  • Counter-UAS Integration With AIOptical Character Recognition (OCR) for license plates, tug IDs, vessels, aircraft tails and more
  • NIST Compliant and Certified
  • NCIC & Allow/Deny List
  • Video evidence archiving, tracking and secure sharing


Increase efficiency and decrease shrink with a flexible, cost-effective commercial surveillance system that adapts to you. We successfully develop and deploy proven single-screen security information management systems that empower leaders in logistics, hospitality, healthcare, education and other non-governmental industries to manage inventory, improve efficiency and keep track of millions of moving parts.

Not only are our systems specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial surveillance, our award-winning support staff works alongside your teams to resolve issues before they become problems. Your business can’t afford to sink resources into a system that can’t conform to your needs. With custom-developed turnkey solutions from Airship, you never have to compromise.

No matter your mission, we help you succeed

Whether you’re a commercial or government client, we know that accomplishing your objectives is crucial to your success.

Dedicated Support Staff

Our 100% U.S.-based support team knows your system configuration inside and out (including third-party components) and will stick with you until your problem is solved.

In-House Development

All our departments operate out of our Redmond, WA-based facility, including: Development, Quality Assurance, Production and Support. This close teamwork enables us to develop and deploy new solutions and customizations quickly and efficiently.

Ongoing Health Monitoring

Airship keeps an eye on your system, so you can focus on your operation. Both your team and ours are immediately notified regarding storage retention issues, camera outages, connectivity loss and changes in environmental status.

Failover Assistance

You’ll never lose recording or access to your system. Our failover assistance services are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Complete Managed Systems

Not only do we provide configuration and customization of our services, we routinely maintain our databases, provide frequent upgrades and patching, as well as perform database integrity checks, monitoring and backups on your behalf.

Customized User Experience

We provide Tailored User Guides to get your teams up and running quickly. Unique phone number and email address list one EMS and corresponding software.

Video surveillance on your terms.

In high-stakes situations, you can’t afford for your equipment to fail. Airship’s powerful end-to-end audio and video surveillance systems conform to your team’s tactical requirements.

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