Your video management software is part of your first line of defense. Make sure it's up to the challenge.

To respond quickly to an incident, your teams need accurate, real-time information—and they need it immediately. Airship video management systems were developed in response to real-life challenges facing military, law enforcement and businesses. New security challenges for these groups are emerging at a lightning pace, so we are leading the way in designing flexible, powerful solutions. We go beyond basic video management software, developing proactive, complete “lens to server” solutions that take surveillance to the next level. From single stream to thousands of streams, Airship solutions scale seamlessly to meet your needs, providing more actionable, focused video and audio data wherever—and however—your teams operate.

Government vs. Commercial

Military and law enforcement have different needs than commercial enterprises. Both require robust, no-fail solutions, but video management software that was designed for one should not be forced to conform to the other. We develop flexible, customizable solutions specifically for government and the commercial sector that provide businesses and first responders with the information they need in a workflow that matches their operation.

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Airship integrates seamlessly with your existing security system, so you can capture the information you need without worrying about software conflicts getting in the way. From mesh radios to drones/UAV systems to radar integrations, analytics and beyond, Airship interfaces with the existing components and services that are integral to your organization’s mission.

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We don’t make video, we make it better

Easy to Use

Control your entire system from the Airship Enterprise Management System Dashboard. When time is of the essence, Airship helps you find what you’re looking for — fast.

Powerful, Intuitive Video Features

Intuitive user interface and quick-glance status indicators help teams access critical information immediately. Always-visible camera status, simultaneous live view, alerts, map tie-ins and data integration provide crucial details as well as a big-picture perspective.

Pricing that Works with Growth

Your cameras will never stop recording due to licensing issues. Airship licensing adapts to your needs and scales with your operation.

Simplified Case and Camera Management

Airship’s system control dashboard enables to you easily manage your assets and users. Quickly and securely set up or modify permissions and change device configuration before physical installation.

Open Systems by Design

Your security infrastructure continues to do its job with Airship. Our VMS solution works with your existing new and legacy cameras and IT systems, including Active Directory.

Award-Winning Support

When the stakes are high, we’re right there with you. Our 100%-U.S. based support team understands every aspect of your product configuration—including third-party products—and will work with you until your issue is resolved.

Video surveillance on your terms.

In high-stakes situations, you can’t afford for your equipment to fail. Airship’s powerful end-to-end audio and video surveillance systems conform to your team’s tactical requirements.

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