A true enterprise management system based in video analytics and integration services

We’re your all-in-one solution for your video management needs. No more runaround. No more middlemen. From installation to third party integration and advanced video analytics, we act as an extension of your team every step of the way, with expert services and award-winning support built around your organization. We adjust our proven processes to conform to you, making your life easier and your surveillance systems easier to manage.

Third-Party Software and Hardware Integration

Gain the benefits of Airship’s security information platform without giving up your current hardware assets. Airship can integrate with existing and customer directed cameras, sensors and hardware devices. Our powerful EMS platform currently integrates with your array of cameras and other leading-edge audio/video image transmission devices like mesh radios and UAVs.

Airship’s seamless integration with third-party analytic companies creates a native operational workflow within Airship’s Nexus Client GUI. These leading edge video analytics capabilities enable your teams to obtain valuable security intelligence from license plate recognition software, sensors and more, without forcing you to retrofit a solution or employ complicated workarounds.

Engineering Services

From design to implementation to deployment, cleared and non-cleared Airship System Administrators are standing by to assist with items ranging from project installation to maintaining the ongoing integrity of your Airship system. We work by your side to help ensure that your system meets agency and company security requirements to remain in operation.

On-Site Engineers

Your security is our priority. We provide cleared and non-cleared on-site engineers and technical support for your entire scope of operations, from temporary system setup and operations to full-time in-house project support. We make sure our software works wherever you do. Cleared and non-cleared engineer resource support is available for remote deployments of Airship-enabled technologies, as well as associated sensors and capabilities.

Dedicated Project & Program Management

Our services grow alongside your business and adapt to your evolving needs. Cleared and non-cleared on- or off-site Program Managers oversee everything from your system deployment and inventory management to daily operations of your system. Deep involvement with your daily operations enables us to respond and adapt quickly to issues that arise from your team and your end users, as well as provide detailed reports and oversee data analysis projects.

Your data is protected all at times with Airship. Our 24/7 failover support continues to record, even when a server loses network connection or power. In the event a primary server goes offline, the failover server becomes a proxy until the issue is resolved, allowing continued recording and no interruption of data flow. Your video is seamlessly synchronized between the original and failover machines and the outage will not affect your licensing.

Managed Services

Airship offers Managed Solutions in addition to traditional IT Support. With our managed solution, we don't simply offer support once a problem has presented itself — we proactively monitor, assist, and alert you to potential issues, then resolve them in advance of failures. Our interests always align with yours to ensure your operations run smoothly and consistently. We offer a full suite of managed solutions including:

Managed Networks & Infrastructure

Make sure your system is online and in optimal health using our 24/7 monitoring services. Our system provides alerts, data analysis of your system, and preventative troubleshooting. We work with you on disaster recovery planning and implementation, as well as offer real time assistance should a crisis arise.

Managed Security

Put your mind at ease knowing that Airship is managing your patches, software/hardware updates and staying current against cyber security threats to detect and resolve vulnerabilities. We assist with setup and use of antivirus software, as well as malware detection and removal.

Video surveillance on your terms.

In high-stakes situations, you can’t afford for your equipment to fail. Airship’s powerful end-to-end audio and video surveillance systems conform to your team’s tactical requirements.

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