Fully integrated video surveillance and support at your service

Airship is your single source for powerful end-to-end audio and video surveillance systems that conform to your workflow. We specialize in flexible solutions that operate on your terms, not off-the-shelf platforms that force you to retrofit your procedures. We know you can’t afford for your software to fail or lag, so we monitor our solutions daily, identifying and eradicating bugs and potential malware threats. Constant updates and upgrades ensure that you have the most rigorously tested, proven-to-perform video management system on the market.

An integrated video surveillance ecosystem that matches your mission-critical needs

Learn more about the basics of our cutting-edge intelligence capture components and start assembling the system structure that matches your operation. Click on each component for more detailed product information.

Airship Enterprise Management System (EMS)

Web application that your System Administrator uses to manage Airship Servers.

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Airship Server

Connects to cameras, sensors and other devices to collect and record video, audio and metadata for permission-based distribution.

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Airship Evidence Discovery System (EDS)

Specifically for law enforcement clients, Airship EDS makes archived case video securely available to external parties.

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Airship Nexus Client

A robust desktop or laptop software application that provides full control of camera feeds and remote server configuration capability.

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Airship Video Portal

View live streams and recorded video from the Airship Server with real-time camera operations via a browser on desktop, laptop, and/or smartphone with a valid Internet connection.

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Airship Nexus Mobile

Mobile application for viewing video on iOS- and Android-based platforms.

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Outpost Family (New)

Airship’s Outpost Software Platform is part of the Airship Enterprise Management System (EMS) eco-system, providing edge-based recording and encoding of video, audio, and sensor metadata from a wide range of edge-based sensors.

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Outpost Mobile

Stream live video and audio back to Airship EMS in an Airship Server over cell or WiFi using your iOS device’s built-in camera and microphone. Content is viewable through Airship Nexus Client or Airship Nexus Mobile.

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