Expert enterprise video management support for every situation, in every environment

Maximize your uptime by connecting with experienced, U.S.-based engineers who understand your system configuration and will stay on the line with you until your issue is resolved, no matter what other third-party software or devices are part of your setup. Our support is what sets us apart. 100% U.S.-based. Immediate response. We’re there when you need us — wherever your mission takes you.

What makes Airship support stand out?

Your enterprise video management solution should support your operation, not become a liability when you're in the field. Because we’re part of building your solution, we possess a deep understanding of your system components and proactively address issues before they become problems.

Health Monitoring

Using integrated health monitoring tools, we actively oversee your systems and resolve issues before they impact you. We notify your teams and provide regular updates until your issue is completely solved.

Software Updates

We assist you with vetting software releases on a pre-production environment, then help facilitate the rollout. We work with your staff to enact a smooth deployment and training process.

Supporting the System

If you discover a problem that is not part of the Airship system, we don’t point fingers and walk away. Instead, we work closely with you to resolve the issue, no matter what third-party components are in your system, so you can get back to your job.

Relevant Warranties

Our warranty provides you with expert on-site service and replacement parts from thousands of approved service partners in every zip code, across all U.S. territories.

Ironclad Commitment to Partnership

Your success defines our success. We build lasting, supportive relationships that grow and evolve with your operation.

Select the support tier that meets your needs

Don’t get trapped into a support contract that isn’t right-sized for your organization. We offer three tiers of support plan to match your requirements and budget.

  1. Basic Plan: Core Support that Goes Above and Beyond

    Every client receives robust Basic Plan support that helps you maintain your Airship software package. We monitor the health of your system to ensure that you remain protected from software failures. Powerful built-in notifications alert us to software issues that could compromise your mission. Exceptional 9‐5 software support from our expert engineers sustains your software fluidity, so you are never hampered by your technology.

  2. Platinum Plan: In-Depth Technical Support

    Platinum Plan support helps you maintain your Airship Video Management System by including everything in the base plan plus technical support. Airship support experts monitor every key component of your Airship Video Management system, from your cameras back through the entire network, ensuring a healthy surveillance infrastructure. In the event an issue should arise, your support team will respond to your request within one hour outside of business hours. On‐site technical support of hardware or software is provided by professionally trained Airship engineers, no matter which third-party components are part of your system. We contact third-party equipment suppliers on your behalf to implement a solution that resolves the entire scope of the issue.

  3. Optional: 24/7 Expedited Enterprise Video Management Support

    In ultra-high-stakes environments, constant video management can mean the difference between success and failure. In this premium service that can be added to either the Basic or Platinum support plan, Airship’s support team manages your entire video management infrastructure: 24/7. As part of the plan, you will be notified of issues immediately upon detection and our teams will get to work solving your problem, even if it involves third-party equipment or software.