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Award-Winning Turnkey Solution

Airship is your true, single-source, turnkey solution from installation and optimization to training and ongoing support.

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Enterprise-Wide System Management

Airship teams bring years of real-world experience. Just ask our customers.

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Scalable Integrated Systems

Your needs change over time so Airship's platform is built to scale quickly and easily. System management is also designed for efficiency and simplicity.

Don't fail! Failover automatically!

Behind the scenes, Airship technology keeps your video safe. Failover and synchronization happens conveniently and effectively.

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Advanced Edge Recording

Control the bandwidth utilization of your recording devices with Airship’s edge technology.

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Flexible System Integration

Airship video management systems work with your hardware. No additional equipment needed-we make integration easy.

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Video Optical Character Recognition

Airship’s server-side OCR engine can be used with any camera feed for enhanced alerts.

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Long-Term Storage Compatible

Archive your data to a variety of cost effective, reliable, and stable media, from Blu-ray discs to tape systems.

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Virtual Video Walls

Airship software can drive video matrices from small settings and field deployments to entire walls.

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Audio and Video Synchronization

Broaden your investigations by combining video with stereo and surround-sound audio channels.

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GeoSpatial Integration

Airship’s integration with geospatial systems gives you an easy-to-use command and control interface.

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Video Technology Tailored for You

Airship specializes in complete video management solutions, from design to ongoing support. Our experienced field engineers, developers, and award-winning support team keep enterprise systems running efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to see how Airship can make video a powerful asset in your operations.

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